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Both from :iconcarnivorouscarnation:

1→You must post these rules.
2→Each tagged person must post 10 things about themselves on their journal.
3→You have to choose and tag 10 people and post their icons on the same journal.
4→No tag backs.
5→No crap in the tagging section about "you are tagged if you read this". You legitimately have to tag ten people.

1. I have an unhealthy obsession with fictional characters. At least I am not doing drugs or something terrible.
2. I live with my boyfriend. C: He is cool with me obsessing over these kinds of stuffs. which is another reason why I loves him :heart:
3. My favorite animal has to be turtles.
4. My favorite insect is Butterfly One of the reasons I liked this username
5. I like to sing.
6. Dancing if fun too. <:
7. I look younger than I actually am.
8. Sometimes I feel that I am too emotional or that I over exaggerate some situations.
9. I like fairytails and happy fluffy stuff in stories.
10. I keep my hair in pigtails. Which make me look even more younger...

The Rules Are :

★- You must post these rules.
★- Each tagged person must post ten things about themselves on their journal.
★- You have to choose and tag ten people and post their icons in the same journal.
★- Go to their pages and tell them you tagged them.
★- No tag-backs

1. I eat ice cream when it is cold outside.
2. I don't like it when it rains.
3. My fav color is red and blue.
4. I can't watch scary movies. You people that do are crazy.
5. My skin is sensitive to sunlight. I always get sunburned. DX
6. I have freckles.
7. My leg is hurting for some reason right now.
8. I like watching my bf play his video games. It is fun <:
9. This is a typical girl stereotype, but I do love shopping for shoes. :heart:
10. I'm allergic to cats...

Don't know anyone here, so I'm not gonna tag.


Ello C:
United States
Ellos C: I guess I will start with saying that I am a huge pokemon fan. (I love all of the games and the anime seasons. The new season is pretty awesome too.) I am into Death Note and other animes as well. Sometimes I will write words strangely, like I would say fiyah instead of fire, but that is because I want you to say it in a weird way in your mind. (For the grammer nazis out there...) I am kinda one too, but I just wanted to get that out there. >.>

Name: I am not telling you my real name so just call me BB for short, because if I were someone else, I would be too lazy to type my user name... lol sorry CC.

Hair Color: Black (I dye it red sometimes)

Eye Color: Brown

Zodiac Sign: I don't even know anymore. They changed some of the dates around. I liked being an Aries.

Likes: Pokemon, awesome art, anime, cartoons, adventure time, paring up fictional characters (yaoi, yuri, and hetro), turtles, butterflies, my boy friend, my friends, music, disney land, amusement parks, cotton candy, candy in general, mint chocolate chip ice cream, and I can't think of anything else at the moment.

Dislikes: that tag in the back of your shirt makes your back itchy, creepy stuff, people that can't take a hint, caramel, when people try to talk to you when you have your head phones on, and I can't think of any more right now.

<If anyone read this, do you know of some questions that I can answer for a basic introduction or something... because I am not sure what to write here, but I must.> (My page looks so empty DX)

Mah DA family twin: :iconcarnivorouscarnation: :heart:

She came up with my username. <:

Current Residence: That one place near that one house by that one tree.
Favourite genre of music: Don't really have a preference.
Favourite style of art: I am drawn to anime and cartoons, but they are all nice too. C:
Shell of choice: I like turtles.
Skin of choice: Human skin?

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